Electronic Limiter Valves

Amanzi SA iMvubu Valve 


Features & Benefits

  • SLocally manufactured from high quality engineering materials.

    SSpecially designed valve with unique trickle flow function

    SBuilt in flushing system to prevent blockages in trickle flow

    S Alarm for early tamper detection and system shut-off in case of tampering

    SBatteries can be easily replaced in the field without damaging the electronics, which is housed in a separate IP68 housing

    SAMR in the ISM band and full AMI functionality

    SCommunication via RF, GPRS or Satellite technologies – cell phone enabled

    SNo need for walk by, drive by and fixed network Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

    SCan be programmed for Daily and/or Monthly limitation

    SCan be remotely controlled for flow limitation, restriction or shut off.

    SAllocations can be adjusted remotely to higher/lower amounts – (allows the utility to  restrict all users to a daily allocation for drought control)

    SCan be fitted with a water saving orifice to reduce flow and to save water

    SHigh quality LCD display

    SCan be mounted either horizontally or vertically