Plastic Ball Valves

The Amanzi SA ball valve

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The Amanzi SA ball valveis a manually operated, quarter-turn valve used for isolating (ON/OFF) not for regulating. The valve has a flow-controlling spherical ball located within the valve body. A hole through the centre of the ball connects the inlet and outlet ports of the body. By turning the handle, the ball inside is turned 90°, which blocks the opening and stops water flowing through. The Amanzi SA ball valve is a full-bore valve with no pressure drop, allowing free flow when in the open position, as the ball opening is the same size as the inlet/outlet.





Features and Benefits

  • Single body, closed moulding – no parts can be unscrewed or tampered with
  • In-line moulded seals with support caps which are non-removable
  • Made of durable engineering material
  • UV-resistant outer casing ensures durability
  • Quarter turn with low torque level allows fast and easy operation
  • Available with consumer handle or lockable municipal key
  • The three-function ball valve allows for ON/OFF or trickle flow function
  • Supports pressure up to 50bar and temperatures from -10°C up to 80°C
  • Size: 20mm which can also be fitted to 15mm pipe
  • Thread: 25.4 British standard pipe (BSP)
  • Piping connection via BSP-threaded connector or plastic weld socket
  • Various connection options: female or male threaded; and female- or male-welded sockets
  • Full-bore or full-port valve resulting in lower friction and pressure loss
  • PN 1600kPa