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Products are manufactured in an ISO rated facility and are tested according to the Trade Metrology Act of 1977 in an independent SANAS accredited lab 

World-class water management products made in South Africa

Proudly South African 

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We design, develop, manufacture and supply our own products, which include plastic water metersball valveslimiter valves and a variety of meter boxes. We are proudly South AfricanProducts are manufactured in an ISO-managed facility and are tested  in our SANAS-accredited laboratory. We are commited to quality and therefore our management system is maintained in accordance with the requirements of SANS10378 and the Legal Metrology act and regulations. Ongoing development accommodates customer requirements and ensures robustness for field applications.

Municipalities are losing up to 40% of potable water supplied and therefore need to implement measures to effectively manage resources. Robust and durable products that can withstand the harsh South African conditions are therefore a prerequisite for effective water management.

Amanzi Meters invests in innovation and advanced manufacturing technologies. We apply innovative, collaborative research and development and economic actions to achieve the objectives of our shareholders.

Our HistoryOur History

Amanzi Meters (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2012 as an initiative to establish a proudly South African manufacturer of Water Management Systems and Devices, in support of Government’s drive for local procurement to create jobs....

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About UsAbout us

On 1 Sept 2013 Amanzi Meters became a subsidiary of Sebata Municipal Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a member of the Micromega Group, listed on the main board of the JSE. Through a partnership with Amanzi, Sebata is now offering .....

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15 mm & 20 mmAMANZI SA1527 Class C in-line Mechanical Water Meters

Water Meters

Our product designers have successfully combined the proven, high precision measuring insert with a high quality and robust meter body designed for harsh African conditions. The result is the innovative Amanzi SA Water Meter which is pulse – ready to combine proven standards with new technologies. Amanzi Meters collaborates closely with its main shareholder, Sebata Municipal Solutions to provide a complete meter reading and data management solution to meet the increasing demands on water utilities.


The meter is used to measure the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipeline. The meter is fitted with a non return valve that will allow water flow only in the direction as indicated on the water meter.  These Volumetric meters are not influenced by flow disturbances up steam of the meter. The Amanzi Meter is designed with a grooved piston within the meter measuring chamber.

Meter stoppages are reduced by the grooved piston which creates a swirling action or turbulence (flow eddy) to suspend solids or particles, until flushed out.

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The Amanzi SA ball valve

Ball ValvesThe Amanzi SA ball valve  is a manually operated quarter turn valve used for isolating (ON/OFF) and not for regulating. The valve has a flow-controlling spherical ball located within the valve body. A hole through the centre of the ball connects the inlet and outlet ports of the body. By turning the handle, the ball inside is turned 90°, which blocks the opening and stops water from flowing through. The Amanzi SA ball valve is a full bore valve with no pressure drop, allowing free flow when in the open position, as the ball opening is the same size as the inlet/outlet.

Features and Benefits

  • Single body, closed moulding – no parts can be unscrewed or tampered with
  • In line moulded seals with support caps which are non removable
  • Made of durable engineering material
  • UV resistant outer casing endures durability
  • Quarter turn with low torque level allows for fast and easy operation
  • Available with consumer handle or lockable municipal key
  • The 3 function ball valve allows for ON/OFF or trickle flow function

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